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Hobby How To – Bases Part 3!


We take another look into some more basing ideas! This time things have gotten a little chilly!

Ice world

This week we look into creating an Ice World, with a few more steps than previous articles, but worth it in the end!

The first step is to cover whichever base in PVA glue. Let this fully dry, then add a thick layer of Mordant Earth. As mentioned in the first article of the series, make sure to use a texture tool or similar to apply a thick enough layer. Once it has fully dried (I allow 12-24 hours depending on how warm the hobby room is), add a layer of Lahmian Medium over the top to help protect the crackle paint.

Once dried, add a layer of Corax White. This can either be sprayed on or painted on.

Shade the base with Aethermatic Blue Contrast.

Shade all over again, this time with Space Wolves Grey.

Drybrush the base with Corax White (or similar) to bring out the edges of the cracks even more.

Add Valhallan Blizzard to the desired quantity, covering as much as the base as you’d like. As with the crackle paint, I use a texture tool to make sure I use enough.

Finish off the base by painting the edges, here I’ve used Instar Pure Black. Super Glue the model in place and you’re done!

Make sure to check back next time for more basing ideas!

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