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Community Focus – Mark Norris


We thought it would be mighty apt to have an Ultramarines focussed community focus as we draw to the end of the #MarchForMacragge we see every year where hobbyists from across the globe – clearly against their will – paint some blue-clad armoured Space Marines. And we thought: ‘who do we know who has a STUNNING collection of said blue boys and would be willing to talk to us?

Well, we came to a stream viewer veteran and all round fantastic hobbyist and nice guy: Noll_uk. I managed to get a chance to catch up with Noll and ask him about his project!

Q: Hey Noll, hope you’re alright and thank you for joining us for this edition of the Community Focus! Now you have quite a collection of Ultramarines, how long has this project been going?

This has been a project which I initially planned/started in 2021. I had initially thought about making a diorama based on the 9th edition Warhammer 40,000 trailer. After receiving Marneus Calgar and Tigiurius in Hobby Vice’s Secret Santa I thought about expanding into an Army. Having not played or collected Warhammer 40,000 in over 10 years. Having spoken with yourself who helped me plan out an Army and this is the finished results.

Q: What inspired you to first take up the mantle of painting Ultramarines?

When I first got into the hobby I was given a Space Marine Bike. I had no idea about the hobby and saw the painting guide and thought that was it. Before I had learnt about alternative paint schemes/chapters I already had a sizeable force. Since learning more about the lore, the stoic and honourable nature of the Ultramarines which has stayed with me ever since. This knowledge coupled with the nostalgic value is what inspired this project.

Q: Did you follow any tutorials when painting these or just all from the vault of your mind?

I followed a lot of the painting tutorials on Warhammer TV’s youtube channel for everything. But the bases were all hand made which were inspired by Marneus Calgar’s base. This base had ruin tiles; after measuring these, I made a number of additional ones and spread them over the base. I then repeated this process over the whole army.

Q: With having such a vast collection now it must be hard to choose a favourite, but I must ask – do you have a favourite model in your collection?

I think my favourite model would have to be my Librarian, based on the Tigiurius model. Having used your Jade Paladin Libriarian model as inspiration, I loved the warp energy being harnessed and flowing around the model.

Q: So now you’ve gone a fair way down the rabbit hole of the blue boys, would you go back and do anything differently if you were to start again?

The only issue I had during the problem was not realising that the bolt weapons were different depending on which magazine/scope set up. After watching a battle report, I had to sort this issue out. As I had some spare marines left over for the planned diorama, I managed to build up a 3rd intercessor squad with Stalker Bolt Rifles.

Q: What has been the most challenging part of the project?

Motivation like any hobbyist was difficult at times. This was a big project and I have never done a project like this before. Most projects I have done previously have always been bits and pieces, as and when. I always kept the completed models in my display cabinet as a reminder to get the remaining models as motivation to get the whole army finished. Completing the bases in one go really helped me get over the final milestone and keep the consistency strong throughout the army.

Q: Have you managed to play a game with them all yet?

I have not yet played any Warhammer 40,000 games with this army as yet. With a busy life/work balance, it is difficult to find time to learn the game but I will make time to play. My overall goal would be to play in a tournament and get a best-painted nomination.

Q: Can you tell us what you are working on next, for this project and other ones?

I have a number of projects on the go, between adding to my Horus Heresy Blood Angels army, an Imperial Guard Tank/armoured Army and a Horus Heresy inspired diorama.

Q: Will you keep us updated with more projects?

Of course! I post various work in progress pictures on the Hobby Room Discord. I would love to showcase my vast Horus Heresy Blood Angels army!

Q: And finally, I have to ask – where can we find more of your previous works? The work we’ve seen here today is phenomenal!

To see more of my hobby work, please check out my Instagram and Twitter; Noll_UK

There you have it folks! A phenomenal display of Ultramarines on show from a cornerstone of the community. Go check out Noll’s socials and keep your eyes keen for more work from him.

If you’re interested in getting your work on the Community Focus please drop an email over to: and we can have a chat! – Till next time.

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