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The Hobby Room – Who are we?

Whoare We


Presenter of The Hobby Room on twitch. She’s been collecting Warhammer for about 10 years, with a large collection of Tyranids including her first ever models. She has taken a keen interest in Necrons and has just started making The Hobby Room space marine chapter!

Likes: Cake and chocolate, Diet Coke and any shiny new model.

Dislikes: Running out of any of the above and being told to finish a project before starting a new one.

King Steve

Overlord extraordinaire. Also a Butternut Squash. 

King Steve was presented to The Hobby Room at UK Games Expo from the Exploding Kittens random item stand. Ceri once confused a staff member in B&Q on asking how to taxidermy a butternut squash. With some effort, Steve was taxidermied and lasted a few months before starting to rot from the inside out, so The Hobby Room commissioned a plushie version from Custom Cuddles. King Steve was later introduced to his evil brother, Stevil (pronounced Ste-evil), when they cohabit The Hobby Room, a safe distance away from each other.

Likes: being a King, travelling to events and signing autographs.

Dislikes: Stevil.


The original floofy void cat. Adopted at approximately a year old, Codex became a fan favourite, being an adorable black hole with the biggest eyes. 

Likes: treats, scritches (only on her head, and only when she wishes them) and open doors.

Dislikes: scritches, closed doors and half empty food bowls.

Archaon the Everchosen, Lord of the End Times, Grand Marshall of the Apocalypse

The latest addition to the household, Archaon stays true to his name, causing chaos wherever he is. After being accepted by his sister Codex, he has now outgrown her (even though she has a year and a half of age over him) and has started to figure out how to open doors. Nothing in the house is safe. 

Likes: attention, attention, more attention and eating Ceri’s paintbrushes.

Dislikes: being told off and not being allowed to eat random bits of fluff.

Gandalf the grey

The half fluffy, big footed thumper of the house, Gandalf rules the kitchen and is the biggest drama queen of the house.

Likes: being left alone, Kale and making noise.

Dislikes: not having music on at night, not having a light on at night, not having enough Kale out at night, not being said “goodnight” to at night…..

The geckos

Smotin, Ail, Sam, Merry and Pippin are the beloved Leopard Geckos. Slowly having each of their homes turned into Warhammer theming, they seem right at home taunting the cats that can’t get to them.

Likes: locust and mealworms.

Dislikes: 3 more of them need Warhammer themed tanks…

Sad Necron

Likes: winning at board games

Dislikes: everything

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