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Warhammer Sunday Preview

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Latest news from the Warhammer Community!

Warhammer 40,000

The biggest news for most will be the announcement of the Piety and Pain box!

Pitting Adepta Sororitas and Drukhari against each other with a campaign book including datasheets, missions, Crusade rules and Theatre of War rules (for fighting in Urban areas).

The Drukhari get Lelith Hesperax, 10 Wyches, 5 Winged Scourges and a Venom.

The Adepta Sororitas half gets 5 Retributors, and Immolator and a Palatine – a new hero!

Drukhari also getting their new Codex, in both normal version and collector’s edition (if you’re anything like me, the collector’s editions are must haves for the nice looking bookshelves!).

A HUGE Combat Patrol box also incoming for the Drukhari, containing an Archon, 10 Kabalite Warriors, 5 Incubi, a Ravager and a Raider.

14 03 SundayPreview DrukCP527ch3

Plus the usual extras of datacards and dice (with symbols on the 6s!).

We also see the first Act of The Book of Rust, a campaign book which tells the story of the Death Guard invasion into the Charadon sector. The book also includes 3 Codex Supplements for the forge world Metalica, Imperial House Raven and the Drukhari Cult of Strife. Also included are new Warlord Traits, Relics, Strategems and Psychic Powers for Adeptus Mechanicus, Death Guard and Imperial Knights.

And finally for 40k, there is a new Crusade mission pack – Plague Purge! 24 Crusade Missions inside, 6 for each game size!

14 03 SundayPreview plaguepurge2us784

Warhammer Underworlds

Warhammer Underworlds players will be super excited (and so are we!) that the Seraphon warband are getting released, called: The Starblood Stalkers. Containing a Sarus, 4 skinks and a floating blowpipe (The Chameleon Skink!) – Looks like they are also coming with a new kind of Gambit card that affects the entire Warband as part of the stellar alignments.

Blood Bowl

Blood Bowl Enthusiasts are also getting their fair share of love this week aswell seeing the Greenfield Grasshuggers finally getting a pitch, cardpack and some lovely new looking dice! Definitely a pickup from us!


Something seems to be sitting in Middle-earth as well (gosh there is a lot this week!) as we see the brand new plastic Treebeard! (complete with hobbits) who comes with unarmoured dismounted Merry and Pippin.

But he isn’t alone as we are getting a Forgeworld (we assume) resin Quickbeam to, looking less wooden than his fellow tree-folk and more speedy! We’re also getting to see some Dice for Fangorn, who doesn’t love dice?

Last but not least at all for Middle-earth this week are the STUNNING Dragon Cult Acolytes for the Easterlings which are super speedy and agile assassins!


Black Library

To round off this mammoth week of reveals, it seems like there is a nice array of new black library novels to look forward to, for more details you can check the Warhammer Community article here, but we are going to show you the covers of course!

And that finishes off the huge week of releases from Games Workshop we assume to see go up for pre-order on Saturday! As usual, an exciting time to be in the hobby! Keep checking back here to see what other news and articles are appearing over the next week and thanks for reading!

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