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Sponsor Sunday! Redgrass Games Wet Palette


This week we take a look at a product from our sponsor Redgrass Games!

Wet Palette

The Wet Palette (or Keepy-keepy wet-wet as they’re known on The Hobby Room) comes in two sizes, Painter and Studio XL. Here at The Hobby Room, I use the Painter size, mostly due to the space available on my hobby desk!

Redgrass Games has a great page on their website for Setup & Tips on using their wet palettes, which I highly recommend reading through before getting one and when you first set it up! I love using mine, as does my kitten Archaon, when he tried to join in painting last week!

Many members of the community have picked up their own, with positive reviews from all those users. However we have split the community on what is the right way to add stickers! Do you overlap? Or cleanly apply the stickers so there is no overlap? I’ve got some photos from around our community to show where they stand!

Join us in future Sponsor Sunday reviews to look at the brushes, nippers and painting handle available from Redgrass Games!

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