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Board Game Review – Drunken Sailor


Today we once again dip our toes into the vast ocean filled with games!

Drunken Sailor

Also known as Sunken Sailor, this is a great game for anyone that enjoys deceit and lying! The rules are simple, one of you is “drunk”, but you all have to work together to draw an image and work out who is the “drunken” sailor!

The game itself is that of story telling, in picture form. You are all trying to tell a story of an encounter or situation that happened while at sea, and each player is given a card with the story on, except one. One poor player is the “drunkard” and therefore cannot recall any story! But to save themselves of the shame, they try to go along with everyone else!

Each player takes a turn of drawing a line on the paper provided, with the aim to draw the image depicted on the cards. Once each player has drawn twice, the players then have a chance to argue and discuss and then point to the player they think is the drunken sailor! Each player that guesses correctly gets a point!

The game comes with 27 envelopes with seven story cards each for repeat play and eight differently-coloured crayons so everyone will know who drew what.

Although it seems like the game is harmless, definitely stick to its age recommendation of 17+ years. The cheeky stories often refer to some adult themes (the whole point of the game is that one person drank so much the night before that they can’t remember what happened) and have some curse words on them, not appropriate for younger kids.

The whole box then packs together nicely, with everything stored inside and packed away into envelopes. Perfect for taking away to a friends house!

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