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Your Invitation to Join the Royal Court of the Mordants

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Tucked away in the shadows of every realm if you’re foolish enough to explore you may just find yourself in a hidden kingdom, full of ravenous babbling cannibals. But who are these fierce, devoted and loyal lovable flesh eaters and where did they come from?

Once in ages past, Nagash had a loyal servant, a king, and a leader of a proud noble court of knights and nobles. He had a sudden fall from power, when Nagash cursed him with a hideous transformation, he became a feral monster that stalked Shyish, bringing devastation wherever he went to all without prejudice. He destroyed many of Nagash’s kingdoms, tore their leaders apart and left nothing behind but corpses and ruins.

Naturally Nagash didn’t take kindly to this and locked him up in a magical prison called the Shroudcage, that made him relive past events in his life. After untold years this drove him into a complete babbling wreck, one to match his monstrous form. It was not until Sigmar’s intervention in Shyish that he would be freed unwittingly, his prison destroyed, he fled and took his moniker as “The Carrion King” beginning to rebuild his noble courts.

How did he rebuild his courts? Who would follow a babbling, cannibalistic monster? Well, it turned out his newly gained insanity was quite contagious, as The Carrion King’s proximity to someone became close his aura of insanity influenced them. Whereas before they saw a monster, they would start to see him as a noble, a royal, a priest whatever form the insanity took within them, at which point they were unrecoverable and began to follow his leadership.

It became even easier to influence people dependent on their physical and mental states, if peons in war ravaged towns where desperate and had already turned to cannibalism the delusions they saw would be ever more influential. Over time, and their royal feasts the King would select his nobles and offer them his blood which would be a catalyst to transforming them into what is known as a Mordant.

This is how the Flesh Eater Courts were founded, with each of his initial Nobles splintering off and starting new kingdoms, each with their own individual delusions, ideals and cultures. This continued on and on and now the Flesh Eaters Courts are a widespread force.

But don’t worry, they’re not all bad it just depends on how you look to them if they’ll immediately eat you or not! 

Check back next week to find how to get started with a Flesh Eater Courts army! Thanks Moog!

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