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Hobby How To – Bases Part 2!

Hobby How To Basing Feature

In the second article we look at another basing style for how to recreate simple yet effective basing for your armies!

Overgrown Desert

These are able to be adapted to any style, with a mixture of texture on the base and height added with the tufts, to help your model hide in the undergrowth.

I first undercoated the base in Mournfang Brown, to make sure that when the basing paint cracks, the bare base is not visible.

Using a mixture of Agrellan Badland and Armageddon Dust, cover the base in any pattern you wish. Make sure to cover the whole base.

Once the paint has dried, you should see some cracks from the Agrellan Badland.

Shade the whole base in Seraphim Sepia, this will help tie the two colours from the different basing materials together.

Drybrush the whole base in Wrack White, which again adds to bringing the two colours closer together.

Add tufts as desired. Here I have used the Small Dark Thistle Tufts from Rival Crafts.

Finally I painted the edge of the base in Instar Pure Black to finish it off! Super Glue the model in place and you’re finished!

Make sure to check back next time for more basing ideas!

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