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Sponsor Sunday! Instar Soap+ Review

Sponsor Sunday Soap

Magic. That’s all I can say. Utter magic. Think your paint brushes are clean?? Think again. The amount of gunk and paint I’ve got out of my brushes using Soap+ is insane. 

Soap+ comes in 3 stages: Deep Clean, Cleaner and Conditioner. Because of this it means you can use Soap+ for daily cleans as well as a deep clean after a long session. I have also dug out old and dead brushes, and brought them back to life! Watching my brushes sit in a deep clean knowing they will be looking fresh and lovely again soon is a wonderful feeling. The best part? They’re non-toxic and environmentally friendly!

Step 1: Deep Clean

This stage is ideal for cleaning the brushes after a long painting session, or after finishing a project to bring the brushes back to health! Dip the brush into the pot, coating all the bristles and then leave the brush on the side to sit and soak. Depending on how trashed the brush is, anytime between 5-20 minutes is needed. Once the goop has had a chance to soak in, work it into the bristles on a ceramic tile or similar, allowing all the paint to be worked out of the bristles, and enjoy watching the colour of the Deep Clean change colour and try to remember what you last painted in that colour! Wash the brush off in your water and wash all of the Deep Clean out of the brush.

Step 2: Cleaner (Start here if you are just doing a daily clean)

Because the Cleaner is liquidy, you don’t have to force the soap into a lather potentially damaging the brush. Simply dip the brush into the Cleaner and work the soap into a lather, where the Cleaner will attract the remaining paint out of the bristles. Once you are happy, wash the brush out in your water again. If the brush isn’t as clean as you would like (my most trashed brushes have taken a few cleans), head back to the Deep Clean and start again, you’ll be surprised how much more you will get out the brush!

Step 3: Conditioner

With all the painting and washing your brush off, you lose all the natural oils from the brush, so the Conditioner helps with adding these back into the brush. Dip the brush into the Conditioner, work it gently into the bristles and leave it to sit to allow it to work! Some days I’ve left this overnight (if the brush has been really bad) and some I leave for an hour, all depends on how impatient I am in wanting to paint again!

For less than £6 for the whole set, I can highly recommend the set for every hobbyist! Give your brushes a spring clean!

For more information and advice on cleaning your brush with Soap+, check out this link from Instar! And remember to use code MONKEY5 on checkout for a cheeky discount! Make sure to leave a bad joke in the notes section too!

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