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The Power of the Rings: Preparation


Tomorrow sees me take to my first solo Middle-earth tournament for an age. Its safe to say that I’m rather excited and I’ve fallen back to my trusty Gondor force (find out more about it in my Patreon Blog Post here) to help take me through the fiery planes of Mordor, the somber village of Bree and any other place I care to take them on an adventure to.

Over the course of the weekend I’m going to attempt to do a live blog post update to inform anyone who wants to know about my journey and its ups and downs!

For people who don’t care about the preparation of the tournament, you’ll find links to Day 1 and Day 2 below, bear in mind, they will be updated after each game as quickly as I can 🙂


Now for those who care to read a little more:

The Event

The event is held at Worcester Wargames in, well, Worcester. It will be run by our well known and loved Liansmith82 from Twitch alongside our Moderator with a flare and style i’ve not in anyone else: TheSithPanda_. The weekend will consists of 2 1-day events, day 1 being a 700 point, 80point GBHL scoring event and day 2 being a 550 point skirmish war, both promise to be exciting, filled with fun and a little scary to say the least. Both days are 4 games which is an awesome amount of gaming for the weekend!

My preperations

Below in the image you can see the entirety of what I am taking to sufficiently get me through both days of gaming. There will be a general article coming soon to help you know what you need to take to a tournament if you’re not quite sure so watch this space!

Since I’m using a variation of one army over the course of the weekend this makes it a little lighter for me, as I don’t need army books and expansions for EVERYTHING. I also have, not listed here, my phone with a power bank and preloaded all the FAQs and Erratas I need for my army incase any clarifications are needed.

So before tomorrow

I’ll be setting off at 7am in the morning so expect the first update to come just before that with a suitably poor photo of my just as I roll out of bed. Remember links are at the top of the article for day 1 and day 2 progress! 🙂

How do I predict I will do? I’m hoping to go 50/50 on wins and losses over the course of the weekend but we will see!

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