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Warhammer Sunday Preview


Latest news from the Warhammer Community! And it’s going to be a busy week for Lumineth collectors!

Warhammer Age of Sigmar

The second book of the Broken Realms has arrived, focussing on Teclis trying to fix the mess Nagash has caused.

We also see the bundle deals of Broken Realms Army Sets. These are warscroll batallions which feature in the Broken Realms: Teclis book.

And of course, if there is the announcement of Teclis, he needs a shiny new battletome and warscroll cards to go with!

And of course, a new book means NEW MODELS!

And finally, a new scenery piece for them!

Forge World

The Word Bearers are getting a Legion Praetor and a Terminator Praetor, both stunning models!

Black Library

And finally!

The White Scars are getting their own Bandai action figure, which will be available for one week only direct from Games Workshop and the Bandai webstore.

What an expensive week it’s going to be for Lumineth collectors! Make sure to use Element to place your order, and use CER5410 to receive extra Element Crystals!

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