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Building a Flesh Eater Courts army – Basics

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Moog shows us the basics of putting together a Flesh Eater Courts army! Take it away Moog!

So you want to be a cannibal?

Fortunately enough, Flesh Eater Courts are one of the easiest armies to get started playing with. The start collecting box contains a large majority of the units are army can field, with a good range of models.

You get 10 Ghouls which are the start of a nice little ravenous horde, the option to build 3 Flayers or 3 Crypt Horrors and the choice of building a Zombie Dragon or Terrorgheist with a further option of mounting a ghoul king on the beast to lead your troops or having him on foot!

Fleshing out your force.

Fortunately once more for us, the start collecting box is such good value and diversity that it is a good idea to buy this box repeatedly to fill out your forces and build different options each time, however there are a few key units outside of this box that you should consider picking up!

First off we have the Abhorrent Archregent, this guy acts as a great leader for your force with his magical abilities letting any of your flesh eater units get up to an additional 3 attacks per weapon! He also lets you bring in a fresh unit of Horrors, Flayers or Ghouls to serve him!

The Varghulf is a potent melee combatant who in addition to rending through tough opponents helps return your courageous knights and serfs to battle, he’s a great mix of offense and support.

Finally what is a king without a throne? Flesh Eaters have the ability to take this lovely terrain piece which features a grandly designed bone throne for your boss to sit on, this lets him dish out orders for free. After all, you listen to your king, peasants!

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