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Characters of the Jade Paladins


If you’ve been an avid watcher of my random social media feeds or even dropped by the Warhammer Community Podcasts or GW live streams you’ll know that I have a customer chapter that I favour of all my creations, and that is the Jade Paladins. Successors of the Imperial Fists they are masters of defence and firepower.

I wanted to share with you all, properly, images of the custom characters I’ve converted up for the Paladins, so this is going to be more of a gallery post than a blog post but comments, as usual, are always welcome!

If knowing more about the Paladins lore or such is of interest then let us know and I will make sure to try and do a series about them in the future. But onto the minis!

Jonah CAllarcan – Chapter Banner

Forge master idris

Sylas Mallux – Chapter Champion

Lazlo Akeso – master apothecary

Audra Tanaris – chief librarian

Celbrus Nem

There are *some* of the characters that I’ve loving poured my heart into making for the Jade Paladins, but there are a couple more things I’d like to show you. These are not painted, only made miniatures but there are some custom weapons that each one of them holds!

The spear of Praelax

Praelaxian Guard with

Heavy Bolt Cannon

Jadeite Blade

Jadeite Spear

The Praelaxian guard and the spear of Praelax are stoic defenders of the homeworld of the Jade Paladins, Praelax, and have access to relic age weapons to help do their duty. These are exclusive to the Praelaxian guard and few in their number.


Last year when the lockdown happened, just after the before times, I challenged the community to #PaintaPaladin, try to make sure people could sink their teeth into a different project they may not have done before, and it was a success! So much so that one person, Darkblade, decided to take the cover artwork of the Fan made codex supplement I’m writing for the Paladins and made the mini from the art! How awesome!?

And there we have a gallery of the Jade Paladins! I hope you got some inspiration out of this article and if you are interested in knowing more about the Jade Paladins, seeing more of the army or taking a deeper dive into some of the characters back story themselves then please let me know! For now though, if you want to #paintapaladin please free to do so and I may be in contact to put the mini into the supplement when I get around to finishing it!

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