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The Quest Log: HouseFireHawk


When HouseFireHawk heard about the Hobby Quest he instantly messaged me and Ceri saying: I WANT TO WRITE AN ARTICLE! and… well… here is it! Take it away!

HouseFireHawk: When I saw the blog post about the Hobby Quest I thought to myself – “I’m on that like jam on toast!”. I personally find these community-based events, as they are absolutely fantastic, for building self-motivation to get on with projects that I’ve dragged my heels with. Whilst reading the article I was building the last of the units I need for a tournament on the 24th of this month. A nice little set of heavy intercessors and some Eliminators. After reading the article I thought about what I could do. I have a box of dominion on the way… why not that? Then I noticed that the box I keep my backlog of space marines in, I can now close the lid on comfortably. So why not empty the box? 

Then the lightbulb clicked in my head. If I finish a Warhammer 40K project, what better way to celebrate that than by starting a new AOS project that I’ve been excited to do since their announcement. 

27 models in total. 20 intercessors, 6 Outrider bikes and 1 character. That’s a lot to do. I have 2 weeks off my day job in the lead up to the weekend. So I decided that I would build and spray the models that week. With the simple scheme of the Star Sentinels White and blue, it would be a breeze to get that lot done in a weekend.

So far then, my Quest Log looks a little like this:

But, maybe it would be too easy. What about that Diorama piece I’ve been working on for ages. It would be really nice to get that done. It would also be really cool if I could get the squad markings done across all the space marines, as I haven’t been happy with how they have been done so far.

And then there are two optional objectives that I can work towards that weekend and really push myself to progress with my hobby. Surely I can stagger some rewards to encourage me to complete that?

So the first reward is pretty simple really, let’s crack open that dominion box! As the individual kits might not be available until after the weekend, I shall add one to my pile once they become available in retail. I’m thinking more actual Orruks with some spears. 

Main Quest Reward – Crack open my dominion Box AND purchase 1 unit of Orruks once they are available

But what about my optional Objectives? Well, if I complete at least 1 of them I deserve something a little extra right? What about the Orruk riding on the back of a Troggoth? He’s an awesome looking model, so as above, I will be adding him to the pile once he is available. 

Optional Objective Reward (complete 1 of the optional objectives and the Main Quest) – Purchase Breaka-boss on Troggoth

Completing all of that is a massive achievement, and a massive achievement needs a massive prize! A destruction force burgeoning, needing something massive. Mega even? I think we all know where this is going!

Full reward (complete both optional objectives AND the Main Quest) – purchase a mega gargant!

So I have my goals, and I have my rewards. All that’s missing is a plan. For me when I’m planning these large projects or goals, I list out what I need to purchase to complete and any prep work that needs doing, and between now and the 30th of July, I shall be ticking them off with utter joy!

Thanks, HouseFireHawk! We hope you’ll do a summary of your attempted quest completion after the event!

Incase you didn’t know there is a weekend-long ‘Questing’ event and you can find all the details right here.

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