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A new Age of Sigmar means a new Army…


After the Dominion celebration preview at the weekend, it’s sparked off something in Ben’s head, and he’s here today to let you know what he’s most looking forward to and how it’s going to put the rest of his project backwards in the timeline.

Ben: So I have unconditional love for Stromcast (yup, I’m bringing that back.) Eternals and I’ve never had the motivation to take the plunge on doing a whole army because they’ve not visually *quite* been right for me, that was until the Age of Sigmar 3 (AOS3) release came out and the Dominion boxes contained such lovely, athletic-looking models.

Then alongside that, during the celebration stream, we saw even more of this style in the form of Vanquishors and Vigilors which, quite frankly, got me insanely excited for their release! The aesthetic of the miniatures we’ve seen recently plays really well into that hoplite style and I’m unbelievably present for it.

Firepower from the hevans

Ben: The main force of the army will be the Vigilors lead by a Knight-Judicator who will probably roam around the board, dinking off wounds here and there from a range threat. The visual aspect of these minis will fulfil the ‘range’ aspect I’m going to have in the army.

There are then going to be 2 splinter forces to the army, one ‘magic’ orientated and one ‘melee’ focused, first up, the ‘magic’ side.

This is the magic part of the army…

Ben: Leading this part of the army will most likely be the Knight-Arcanum from the Dominion box set, I love this mini, the sculpt and how it looks in person! It still has that ‘dainty’ feel to the miniature compared to the original Stromcast but has all the characteristics to make it that little more special than say, Evocators (obviously the rock mostly).

Accompanying the Knight Arcanum, I will have a retinue of Evocators, some of the ‘before AOS3’ range of models here that still retain the similar design style. They may even be accompanied by some Dracolines to add some cavalry to the army – or I might try to stay full infantry because it would look awesome!

If all else fails – hit them with a sharp pointy stick!

Ben: To round off the collection I plan to have a melee contingent that consists of the hard hitters in combat, the Praetors and Vanquishers will fill this out quite nicely. There won’t be a ‘leader’ as such to this contingent but they will be accompanied by a Knight-Vexillor with a really fancy banner. The swords throughout the models here are drop-dead gorgeous and there might even be some Vindictors that find their way into the ranks.

Leading from the front!

Then we come to the leader. We need SOMEONE to lead the force into battle and here I actually think I will have a couple of options. First up, a Celestant Prime. Converted to match the visual style of the rest of the army but it is such a large centrepiece model who doesn’t want to include it?

Another option aside from that would be to pick up Yndrasta, her rules are stone-cold killer and the model is awesome!

And finally, I’d look at possibly picking up a Tauralon for the army, I’ve loved this miniature since it came out, I just haven’t had a chance to pick one up and paint it.

And there we have it! The reason my projects are going to be pushed back to a position they are no longer going to be finished this year. The colour scheme I am going to go with for the force will most probably be like an aged-brass armour with deep red or deep blue accents.

I’m sure we can get Ben to post updates of his projects here on the blog so ensure to drop back every now and then to see how he’s been getting on!

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