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Times a changing


Here at The Hobby Room things are changing around… again… So here is a quick video explaining what exactly these changes are and how they impact The Hobby Room. If you don’t want to watch the video, you are more than welcome to read the article to get a summary of the changes.

For those of you who didn’t watch the video, here is a bullet pointed list of the things that are changing…

  • Ben no longer has scheduled livestreams on the Live channel, it will be an as-and-when thing due to the commitment to his new job.
  • The Patreon rewards and Blog posts / podcasts will be properly kick started again on October 4th, with Ben spear heading them.
  • Ben will host and produce the live tournament coverage for The Hobby Room going from here on out with Ceri heading up the hobbying and hanging out.
  • Ceri and Ben will proceed to work together to produce the live events like Hobby Quest and such.
  • Twitch have changed how their sub payments are working which means that The Hobby Room is left a little short every month so all bits, donations and subscriptions will be going directly to Ceri (unless otherwise stated) to help her cover bills, rent and furthering the quality of the livestream.

Here is the new weekly schedule for Ceri’s standard hobbying live-streaming goodness!

Change is something that we all can be a bit uneasy with so if you have any questions please feel free to drop into the Discord and ask Ben or Ceri!

We love you all here at The Hobby Room and we thank you for your ever continued support – Ceri and Ben.

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