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Hobby How To – Bases Part 5!

Hobby How To Basing Feature

This week we are wading in to familiar territory, by looking into another murky base!


This week we look at swamp bases, adding a splash of colour to the base while remaining suitable for anyone fighting on a disgusting rot covered planet.

Start off by covering most of the base in Stirland Battlemire, and then with a wet paintbrush, put the edges up, making the shape of your swamp edges and leaving some areas of the base flat for your rot pools.

Using Moot Green, Paint in the flat areas where the rot will sit (don’t worry, we are about to shade this down! The brightness helps show colour through the rot).

Shade the whole base with Plaguebearer Flesh Contrast paint. Don’t worry about being neat on the flat areas, this will add depth to the rot pools.

Drybrush up the mud with Nurgling Green, again you don’t have to worry about being neat on the flat areas, as the rot will cover up any mistakes you make.

Add a layer or two of Nurgles Rot over the flat areas. Make sure to wait for each layer to dry before adding more. Because this dries glossy, leave it for longer than you would think to make sure it has fully dried as poking it will leave a fingerprint mark.

Add tufts to add some height to the base. Here I have used Lemon and Lime tufts from Rival Crafts, tying in the yellow and green within the Nurgles Rot and Green on the bases.

Finish off the base by painting the edges, here I’ve used Instar Pure Black. Super Glue your model into place and you’re done!

Make sure to check back next time for even more basing ideas!

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