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THR Presents: Annihilation


So here it is. The very first Hobby Room ran event. Annihilation.

Hosted at the infamous Element Games in Stockport, this mid-week tournament is designed to give those who can’t usually attend a weekend event an opportunity to get the tournament experience at a time more suitable for them.

For the first even of its kind we decided to go with Age of Sigmar this time, and if this goes well, looking at running a Warhammer 40,000 one just around some size of corner.

Taking place April 26th and 27th 2022, this 2,000 points matched play event is truly available to every level of skill players can bring. There are many prizes to be had, and good fun and food included in the modest ticket price of £35, payable directly via PayPal to:

Ticket prices include 5 games over 2 days, food for both days, awards and participation prizes.

Currently a 22 player event with potentially up to 90 players depending on demand it’s a first come first serve basis, for updates on ticket availability and other updates please see the Facebook event here: CLICK ME

For all the details you need to participate in this event please click the button below to view and download the event pack! – if there are any questions please contact Ben via Discord or email:

We hope to see you there! not long to go 😀

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