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Annihilation: Expanded!

Event Feature

*toot toot!*. And that Ladies and Gentlemen, is the sound of the first 22 tickets sold for the upcoming Mid-week Age of Sigmar event ran at Element Games in Stockport, UK – Annihilation!

In case you are a little out of the loop you can read more on the event HERE or you can read on a smidge for more details.

Now Annihilation is the very first tournament run by The Hobby Room (THR) and we decided it had to be quirky and be mid-week, as we wanted to give those people who cannot usually make weekend events a chance to have that tournament experience. So we’ve got a 2 day (April 26th / 27th) 2,000 matched play event aimed at anyone and everyone who wants to either take the time off work, or wants to finally get their fill of gaming over two days. And as of today, we broke through the first threshold of 22 tickets and now have the capacity for up to 44 players! If that takes off even more from there, then we have total room for up to 90, but we need to get through the 44 player mark first.

Some Details

Its £35 a ticket for 5 games over 2 days, including lunch, awards and participation prizes. There is a very special and custom trophy that Patreons can find out more early information about HERE as well as other things just for turning up!

For all the details you need to participate in this event please click the button below to view and download the event pack! – if there are any questions please contact Ben via Discord or email:


We look forward to sharing updates about how the mid-week event went as we get there!

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