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Hobby How To: Paint Suk’et Dynasty Necrons


As some of you will have seen across my social media, I’ve painted a few Necron models in the past year! I started off when Indomitus released, and haven’t been able to stop. I posted a guide for how to paint them on social media, but as not everyone uses it, I thought I’d do a more detailed post here too!

Step 1

Spray the models in Retributor Armour.

Step 2

Shade the inner areas and joints (anything that isn’t armour plating) with Magos Purple Contrast.

Step 3

Shade the armour panels Seraphim Sepia. This creates a slightly dull but lovely rich gold colour.

Step 4

Edge highlight the armour panels with Stormhost Silver. I mix a little Water+ from Instar into the silver to allow for a smoother highlight and easier application.

Step 5

Shade all the weapons and cables with Black Templar Contrast.

Step 6

Basecoat all the Gauss and glow areas with Corax White. As with the highlight, I mix Water+ into this to allow for the smoothest application.

Step 7

Shade all the white areas with Talassar Blue.

Step 8

Base it, and you’re done!

DONE! Super simple and quick and easy! You can even take these steps and just change the colours! the_sith_panda did exactly that to create her Necron scheme! Join me next week for more Hobby How To series! Hobby hobbying!

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