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Kickstarting our Bust Painting

Tuktuk Feature

Painting busts is something that here at The Hobby Room we’ve wanted to venture into for a while, both I and Ceri have improved vastly in the quality of our painting and we were looking for the perfect way to step up the size of the miniatures we are painting and giving us a larger canvas to hopefully try out some new techniques.

Then came along Alchemist Painting.

Alchemist (Jamie) is a Full-Time miniature painter and Twitch streamer over on his Twitch channel: A friend of The Hobby Room and regular victim to raids and Hydrate! drowning – Alchy has a passion for being creative like most of us, and this passion extends to the wonderous RPG of Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) as well. For those of you who don’t know what D&D is… I’ve not got time to explain it here in detail but essentially a group of friends get together and creative characters and one person takes all the other players on a journey of creative storytelling and immersive adventure.

How does this link back to Alchy? Well he’s recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for some 3D printed sculpts of busts of his D&D Characters – which are perfect for being able to step up mine and Ceri’s painting game even further!

The first unlocked bust is Tuk Tuk, a Turtlekin who has a certain – friendly – demeanour to him. The busts are all sculpted by Strata Miniatures and are highly detailed and reflect the concept art by Tazio Bettin perfectly!

Once the campaign is fully funded (50% there at the time of this article) then 2 more busts, Zara and Basil, will be unlocked as add-ons (which of course I will add to my pledge!). Each bust stands about 90mm tall and are truly a detailed masterpiece.

For more information on the Kickstarter and to back the project please click here!

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