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Sponsor Sunday – Rival Crafts Ballast


Today we look at another product line available from Rival Crafts!


I got a few of the ballasts to test out and experiment with, and was not disappointed with the results! Especially as I had been struggling to decide how I wanted to base my Cursed City box (more on that later).

Rival Crafts has specially designed the ballast range to keep in scale with the miniatures you are working on, offering different sized ballast where able, to scale up with the miniatures in your collection!

I asked for a suggestion on a couple to look at, and was pointed in the direction of Brown Blend and Black Metallic Carbon. I also opted for a Coastal Blend to see how the colours would fare against my models as I have yet to base anything on white/cream bases!

Brown Blend

The Brown Blend offers a nice alternative to Stirland Mud from Games Workshop, mixing in the darkness most choose in a base, while adding texture and depth!

Coastal Blend

This really caught my attention, because although I have yet to find an army to base with this, my mind is racing due to the brightness of it! I’m so used to basing with dark materials that I can’t wait to use this in my hobby!

Black Metallic Carbon

Almost impossible to show how amazing this material is in a photograph, I fell in love with it instantly. It shines in the light, meaning when you move your models (or even your head), the light glistens from the base, giving a magical feel to the model!

Red Desert Sand

Yes I know it isn’t part of the Ballast range, but I couldn’t help but mention this! It ties together perfectly with the Autumn Woods Scatter Terrain, and is helping make my Chaos army stand proud!

How I have used them

My Chaos (as described above) use the Red Desert Sand and the Autumn Woods Scatter, and they compliment each other beautifully! The blue from the model stand out nicely against the red, while the red on the weapons help carry the colours through to each other!

And finally, I mixed the Brown Blend and Black Metallic Carbon Ballasts together in a 50/50 mix, to give me a spooky dark feel, which compliments the Cursed City box wonderfully! Having taken weeks to decide how to base them, as soon as I made the mix my mind was made up, and I’m thrilled with how they turned out!

As I said previous, the camera can’t do the Black Metallic Carbon justice, but head over to my Twitter page where I uploaded a quick video of the light reflecting from it!

Come back next time to see more fabulous materials!

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