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Sponsor Sunday – Rival Crafts Tufts


Do you find your bases appear a little empty? Do they need something more? Then look no further than Rival Crafts!

I own so many of these tufts now, with them influencing the army I choose before I’ve even started it nowadays! The best thing about them is you don’t need to add glue, they can peel straight from the backing and be placed straight onto the bases!


I picked some up for my Necrons first, choosing both the Ultramarine 6mm tufts, and the Rainglow Glow tufts. I went for these as the blue Ultramarine tufts carried through the colour onto the base, and the Rainglow tufts as they contain some blue, and adding a bright spot of extra colour!

Paint Crusade

For Paint Crusade, we were allocated some random tufts between the presenters, of which I ended up with the Large Flower Tufts in Neon Green. Because the theme of this Paint Crusade was Cyberpunk, it allowed me to paint the models crazily bright and the tufts added to that!


The twitch chat met a goal on stream, meaning they could decide on a new army for me, and chose Hobbits! They also chose for me to theme them Winter Hobbits, and my head was filled with wonderful and unique ideas. However, as Hobbits don’t celebrate Christmas and the other holiday ideas I had, I settled on adding snow to the brightly themed bodies. The Autumn Fall tufts were placed before the snow, allowing me to add snow onto them to make for a more realistic base. The tufts held the snow beautifully too!

Paint Crusade (again!)

For the next Paint Crusade, we were challenged with painting 500 points of an army, so the easiest and most fun way for me to do this was to paint something MEGA! The Mega Gargant was a lovely model to paint, and for this, I actually asked for some custom tufts which have now been added to the range. I had fallen in love with the Lemon tufts but couldn’t find a use for them within my collection, so asked for some green to be added to allow for use in a nurgle swamp. The Lemon and Lime tufts were therefore created, and look great on his base! I’ll be expanding this army into a Trogg army (when I finish my other millions of projects!)

Genestealer Cult

Now I have yet to paint any of these, but I had been eyeing up the Thistle tufts for ages, and it seems I finally have a use! I bought a pack to check their size, and will be using them for my Genestealer Cult (when I also get round to them!).

Make sure to check out the MASSIVE range of tufts and other basing items from Rival Crafts, and use code HOBBYROOM for 6% off!

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