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Hobby How To – Bases Part 4!


Part 4 of the basing series and we revisit a classic of mine!

Bright Crackle

Many of you have seen these bases on my growing Necron army, and I’m here today to show you how to replicate them! By changing the colours used, you can easily use this for multiple armies in your collections.

I start off from a Corax White sprayed base, and cover the base in a layer of Talassar Blue. This can be a thick layer and you can allow this to pool to give variety of colour under the crackle.

Once the Talassar Blue dries, cover the base in a layer of Lahmian Medium to protect the blue and allow the crackle paint to work properly.

Add a thick layer of Mordant Earth, using a texture tool to ensure you apply enough to allow the desired effect.

Once this has dried (allow 12-24 hours depending on how warm the hobby room is), apply another layer of Lahmian Medium to help protect the crackle paint.

Drybrush the crackle paint with Fenrisian Grey (using a blue helps keep the colours consistent).

Add tufts to your desired effect, here I have used Ultramarine tufts from Rival Crafts to continue the blue theme.

As each time before, paint the edge of the base, here I have used Instar Pure Black. Attach the model to the base using Super Glue and you’re done!

Make sure to check back next time for more basing ideas!

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