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Making a Blood Angels Successor part 1


If you’ve been present during the recent livestreams on Twitch, you’ll know that Ben (That’s me, its weird writing in the third person but it is what it is.) is a bit of a hobby butterfly and has so many projects on the go at the moment, the release of Dominion did not help this. *sigh*. And one of his most recent projects is he’s attempting to put together a 2,000 point Blood angels forces based on converting the new Stromcast (yup. deal with it.) Eternals into the forces of the Imperium.

Here is where he is at so far:

So one day I sat down with all my spare Blood Angels, Intercessor and other Space Marine sprues to get starting on making the Dominion box models into the vampiric sons of Sanguinius. The mono pose models that come inside the Age of Sigmar launch box are super easy to be able to make into all sorts of conversions as for the most part their arms are separate from their bodies and where they are a sort of hybrid mix its easy to hide with the shoulder pads that I’ve added to the marines.

Intercessors – Squad 1

Here we can see the Vindictors bodies compiled with the blood angels Death Company backpacks make quite a nice base structure for lean, mean Space Marines. Something I am considering doing to these so they don’t look quite so much like they skipped leg day is to add the intercessor leg guards to the existing legs over the top. On first dry fitting and testing it looks like it could fit quite nicely. You can also see just how nicely the intercessor bolt rifle arms fits onto the width of the male Vindictors, the female ones were a little too slight unfortunately. And of course, its a blood angels army so there had to be some sort of melee weapon wielded by the squad sergeant, and a thunder hammer will do this quite nicely. The shoulder pauldrons do a really good job of hiding any mistakes there might be when attaching the arms to the bodies.

He started off a captain, and ended up as the Sanguinor

Well… this one was a bit of a quick promotion eh? I set out planning to use Yndrasta’s wings for a captain with jump pack, which I was really excited to get on the table top. But the further I got down the rabbit hole of making this conversion the more I realise that he would look AWESOME as the Sanguinor. There were a couple of options for the weapons in his hands, one was the one we can see here, the extended Bladeguard blade with a double handle across both hands, the other was trying to replicate the original model as much as I could, including the pose of his arms. I decided to go with the Bladeguard option because… nothing profound, chat just voted for it.

A little something extra…

And something I was going to save for a couple of weeks time but here you go anyway, after converting the model I decided to make a few changes to the conversion, adding in purity seals blood drops and chalices. The above image is of the initial Not Metallic Metal sketch I was going to paint on him. Yup, he’s going NMM (call me crazy, we know its true).

Drop in 2 weeks to see an update on the painted miniatures and maybe some more conversions. Hopefully the Sanguinor is painted by then?!

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