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Community Focus – The Salapandas


Many of you that have been present in The Hobby Room livestreams will be familiar with The Sith Panda (Sith) and her awesome moderating powers, if so whenever Ceri or Ben ask what the chat are doing you may have also seen she frequently responds with ‘The Salapandas’. So we though it was time to do our first ever community focus article and show off the work that Sith has been doing.

Before we begin, you can find Sith on Twitter and Instagram.

Now… where were we? Ah yes, Salapandas. So this project was spawned from the desire to do something similar to a Tale of 4 Four Warlords, where four people gradually build up an army over time together and split it down into manageable chunks. As a note here: the name Salapandas is a reference to the parent chapter, the salamanders and the ‘Trash Panda’ nickname of the Racoon which is Sith’s favourite animal.

The First Chunk

This is going to be a visually awesome 500 points! From a gameplay point of view have T5 across the majority of the force is awesome.

The Eradicators allow you to have tank busting power, should you need it at this points value, but also catch the characters that are left out to dry and just well… eradicate them.

The Heavy Intercessors are damn amazing and incredibly efficient for their points values.

The Aggressors are awesome for clearing the horde units but also post a strong combat threat, while the Librarian in Phobos provides you something that you’d not expect to have at this smaller points value, a psychic threat. Be it to buff other units or just do some mortal wounds its a fantastic addition.

What do they look like?

As with every project like this you want to get yourself a test miniature together. Well Sith went one further and did an entire squad of Assault Intercessors! This isn’t listed above but I’m sure we will see it make an appearance later on! The first image below is a clearly successful test miniature, highlighted wonderfully and holding a colour palette true to that of Sith’s main love in a fictional world, the Star Wars Sith.

The basing scheme used here is absolutely stunning. The white and blue gorgeous compliment the colour on the marines, the white snow is the opposite of the base black on the armour and gives the red a chance to shine on its own, while the blue ice plays really nicely into the cool highlight choices Sith decided to take when doing the power armour. If you want to follow along on the basing scheme she used, you can use the exact guide from us here at by clicking this link!

I have a date with… Eradication!

In true Sith style, next chosen to paint was the unit of pure, untapped and raw destruction in the form of Eradicators! Painting Gravis armour is not a small feat, the sheer amount of edges on the models, particularly when you edge highlight this well, can be fundamentally daunting. But, like the pro she is, Sith smashed it out of the park.

I see… a psychic user… I see… A Librarian

And then just when you think Sith can’t surprise you any more she decides to show how delicately and cleanly she can paint cloth, force swords and texture into flat surfaces. The Phobos Librarian looks wonderful here and the red / orange glow on the force sword emanates thats of the red light sabres used by the Sith in Star Wars.

And there we have it! The very first community focus! If you have a custom chapter or army or a particularly interesting army please feel free to drop Ben a DM on Discord to have a chance to feature in the next community focus, also make sure to come back to check on the next section of the Salapandas journey.

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