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The Hobby Quest – The Peoples Log


In case you haven’t heard by now, I’d go get your ears checked because I’ve (Ben) been shouting about The Hobby Quest almost from the rooftops, not quite there yet.

But we thought it’d be a good opportunity to ask a couple of people around the community what their plans were for the weekend, so here we have members from the community to give some insight into what they are planning for the weekend of the hobby Quest.


Twitch UsernameFlikstRR
Main QuestSlay the grey.. well.. build it… I want to get as much of my first army built as I can so I have more choice available to me to ‘impulse paint’ when I get the urge. Fewer barriers will help me out of any hobby.
Side Quests?Prime some of the miniatures if I can. Single colour prime for troops and a zenith for the HQ’s and units I will take more time with.
Why are you taking part?I have been so so busy recently that I have hardly had any time for hobby at all. It’s easy to get into a situation where you start to ‘find reasons why you can’t get some hobby time in. Joint community events like this are both fun and a form of accountability that helps me keep focused from other distractions. My first taste of army painting was thanks to TheHobbyRoom so it felt natural to join the quest and continue the adventure!
You’re streaming on the weekend right?I will try to stream in the afternoons on both days but will be flexible on time and length.


Twitch UsernameGardengoth
Main QuestI want to start on my Astra Militarum force for Warhammer 40,000 (Imperial Guard to the veterans). I’ve been dithering over the colour scheme so now I’m going to commit!

My main Quest is a small core force that I think I can batch paint, so it consists of:
– 1 x Company Commander
– 1 x Command Squad
– 20 x Infantry
– 1 x Heavy Weapon Squad
Side Quests?That core quest sounds like a lot, right? But if I get in the zone I think I can do it in a reasonably good time. And I’m going for a new army to play with, not display standard.

So I have three side quests:
– Shoot for the Skies: 1 x Hydra (self-propelled anti-air gun)
– Strike Hard, Strike Fast: 1 x Lord Commissar, 2 x Scout Sentinels
– Origin Story: Settle on custom regiment rules and names for the characters and the hydra
Why are you taking part?This is a quest to shrink my Pile of Potential and provide me with another starter army for 40k. I normally paint quite slowly and whimsically, which is enjoyable but sometimes frustrating!
Hobby Quest will provide a good structure and atmosphere to help me focus and enjoy smashing out some core troops, and I can start dreaming about the next expansion for the army.


Twitch UsernameMike_gm
Main QuestTo paint the Kruelboyz from the dominion box
Side Quests?To paint a frostgrave warband and finish my dwarf BB team
Why are you taking part?Before the pandemic, I was good at finishing projects and keeping up with my hobbying. Over the course of the past year though, finding the motivation to keep going was becoming harder and harder. With hope on the horizon now, I’ve been working on my motivation and positive thinking and giving myself a project like this, with the support of positive people, is what I find most helpful.

Are you planning anything for Hobby Quest? Feel free to drop Ben (Me) a DM on Discord and we can maybe compile another article of questing hopefuls.

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