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Board Game Review – Dobble

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This week we’ll look at a game for all ages (3 and up for some versions), which can be easily played on camping trips, lunch times and family visits!


Let us first off look at the basic game!

Dobble is a picture match game, using only images on the cards! There are various ways to play, but all are simple, match one of the pictures on one card to another. Each card will always have one matching image to the next card, meaning there is no trickery or dead ends.

The first basic way to play is to shuffle the deck and place it face down. Then draw one card each, and turn the deck over. As soon as the card is revealed, try to match an image from your card in hand, to that on the top card of the deck. If you find a match, shout out what it is and take that card, placing it on top of the card in your hand. Play continues as such until the deck is gone. The player with the most cards wins.

Now you can reverse that, splitting the deck between all players, placing one card in the middle, and now the aim is to get rid of all your cards!

The game comes with easy to follow instructions, so you can play all the different game modes.

Want some different pictures? Have no fear! There are many editions of the game!

And many, many more!

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