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Getting out of your hobby lull


We’ve all had them, moments throughout the year, between or during projects that we just sometimes feel like never hobbying again. Maybe a new video game has come out and distracted us, maybe we mis-painted some freehand on a banner and it put us off for a while. Well, hopefully, this article today will give you some tips and tricks to help pull you out of the lull by the britches!

1 – Just do it.

I know this one seems incredibly obvious, but sometimes all you need to do is try to power through that first step. Pick up the clippers and glue and make a miniature or two, or maybe pick a paintbrush up and start base coating, these things will always get you back into the swing of it if you are prepared to give it the time.

2 – Start off small.

After some time away from the hobby, be it a week or a year, we find that we always have mountains of unpainted, primed or even unassembled miniatures just sat around and that can be quite daunting. Instead of looking at the pile as a whole, pick one, small and easy project from your list of potential and do that. Set yourself something that I like to call an ‘easy win’ project so you can say you’ve completed something quickly, and that usually gets the hobby juices flowing.

3 – New toys are the best toys!

Sometimes you just REALLY need to change up what you’ve been hobbying on, you’ve painted about 4,000 points of Adeptus Mechanicus and its about time for a change, so go and grab yourself some Tyranids, or an Age of Sigmar army or a bust, anything that’s different from where you were and something you can get really excited about sinking your teeth into!

4 – Friends can help.

Getting together with some mates on a Discord voice chat can always help you to get the spark back. Discussing projects they are working on or what you are working on together really helps the motivation and excitement levels rise up to the point you become a power hobbyist! If you’re looking for somewhere to do that with a group of like-minded individuals then we’ve got the voice chat channels over in The Hobby Room Discord – all you need to do is join one of the voice channels and post, in general, saying you need some hobby motivation help!

5 – Set yourself rewards!

I know this one can sound a bit patronising but I can guarantee it’s worked for me. I’ve been in a lull, seen a new model been released and really wanted it, but I’ve told myself I can’t buy it until I’ve finished painting the 10 Intercessors that are currently sat on my desk. (Alternatively, you can just buy it and hobby on the new cool thing, see point 3).

And there we go, 5 points on maybe helping you to get out of your hobby lull! If you’ve got any more suggestions please feel free to drop them in the comments below! See you next time.

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3 thoughts on “Getting out of your hobby lull
    1. Number 5 is something that we’re all able to do really well I think, everyone has to desire to get more cool stuff and the hobby quest that’s upcoming is a really good opportunity to exercise that! 🙂

  1. The Friends can help really works for me. Some of my most productive nights of hobby have been when a large group of us are in the Hobby Room VC just chatting about nonsensical things!

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