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Letting the twitch chat choose your army. PT1.


Twitch chat is something that is a huge mystery to many streamers, they hit ridiculous goals that you set and make you do ridiculous things as a result. And The Hobby Room’s chat is far from an exception to that ruling.

The other week, I, Ben, challenged the Twitch chat to hit a certain number of subscriptions, which OBVIOUSLY they crushed and as a result, I said they could choose my army for the Leicester GT for Age of Sigmar. And they did. Throughway of polling, the Twitch chat managed to narrow the army down to including Be’lakor and what can only be described as a poor conglomerate of sorry, sorry miniatures claiming to be an army but failing more than rolling a Natural 1 in Dungeons and Dragons. But, as a man of my word, I said I would helm the sorry abomination of an army to the LCGT and lose every game.

The light started to fade on my hopes for winning 33% of my games for the weekend. The shadows crept in and then right at the end of the tunnel, a bright, shining, red lightsabre was seen. It was TheSithPanda_ (Sith). I was going to go with a metaphor of a beacon of hope, but we all know as the true sith lord she is (also one of our moderators) the glowing red lightsabre would be more fitting.

Anyway, back to the story. It was one stream when Sith was the stream boss and she moved for a vote of no confidence in the army chat had previously frankensteined together and voted that chat choose again, this time with slightly more guidance to help form something special, and useable, and thankfully for me, they agreed!

The votes were coming in: Order. Aelves. Sylvanneth. Great! Tree’s are not the best army but in certain circumstances, they allow me to at least have a hope of winning a game.

Next was the theme: Dryad Spam, Revenant Spam, Kurnoth Hunters or a mix – side note here: the Kurnoth Hunters are some of my favourite miniatures for the Sylvanneth range – and by the graces of chat, I was gifted the gift of being able to spam Kurnoth Hunters!

Then through a series of subsequent votes, we managed to reach the rest of the army list, the characters are chosen and other bits. The army actually looks super interesting especially with the upcoming changes to the Age of Sigmar ruleset. But for now, here is the list in its current state.

And so begins the blog build of the army chosen by Twitch chat for my LCGT tournament run! This will be a series, probably Bi-weekly maybe more until the event with a clear update on how far I’ve got with the army, so far I’ve got 3 Kurnoth Hunters with bows and 5 Revenant built.

Ensure to come back and see the progress made on the chat chosen army, the likelihood is that this will be done in my spare time as I’ll be doing commissions on stream!

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