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Out with the old, and in with the new.


It’s the end of the month of June, already, and that means we’ve said goodbye to this month merch you can get from the merch store and time to say hello to the next months brand new merch artwork from Kabewski. Before we show you the cool new merch you can get your hands we’d like to show you the merch that has faded away into the vault from this month.

Look at the graceful sleeping Ceri, destructive might of the Tankchie and the majestic might of the OG duck artwork. They join the ranks of the rest of the merch artwork into the THRVault, one day they might come back up for purchase, or if you support on Patreon at the correct tier for the correct time you can choose anything from the vault.

But now onto the awesome new cool stuff! We’ve had Kabewski this month offer something up to us, Mr Crabbingtoni! With the recent success of the, now famous and clearly miniature of the year, Warahmmer underworlds crab from the Idoneth we thought what better than to suit him up ready to receive his award of miniature of the year already.

For those of you that have been watching the livestream you know that these pieces of artwork we get done are usually relative to the events that happen on stream or things that the Twitch take take a particular liking to, and this next piece is no exception. Taken inspiration from what is known as ‘the Spiderman meme’, we’ve got Ceri’s custom Chaos warband the ‘ultra-marines’ taking center stage pointing at the clear imposter, an ultramarine.

And finally, to round off this months merch rotation before they end up in the vault, you may have noticed that Ben has been painting Be’lakor recently. In pink. yup thats right! We’ve got the legendary artist to draw a nice pink Be’lakor forever now known as: Pinka’kor.

All merch items as standard are available on Mugs, T-shirts and Stickers, but if you want of these awesome pieces of artwork on something such as a Bathmat, a pair of Socks, a hoodie or mouse pad and more, please drop Ceri a Direct Message on Discord with what you are looking for, we will happily make sure you get the artwork you want on the item you want.

That rounds up our newest lines added to the Merch store, we hope you are as excited about them as we are! You’ve got until July 31st to get your hands on these before they too, make their way into the THRVault.

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