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Sponsor Sunday! WildBangarang


Today we take a look into the Warhammer collection from WildBangarang! I own multiple items from this collection, and can attest to how comfy they are! And the quality? Each one is handmade, and absolutely beautiful! Below you can see some of the products they have, and they are always working to bring out new designs, not just for Warhammer but for other Brands too!


There are so many to choose from, I own approx 10 pairs now! Perfect to represent your hobby, I have worn them climbing, underneath trousers in the winter, and general day-to-day wear!


I have the Necron dress, and with summer coming around I definitely need to pick up another one or two! It’s not often (as in never often) I find a dress I like!


The Space Wolves were my first choice for these, I love loafing around the house in them!


I don’t own a pair of these yet, but as with the dress, summer is coming and you still need to show off your love for Warhammer, right?


The Blood Angel snood kept me lovely and warm during winter, and will be great for those chilly spring days when the wind picks up!


I sadly don’t have one of these. Yet. This is the next thing on my purchase list!


Again I opted for Space Wolves for this, but the Gouged Eye one has caught my eye. Super handy to throw on during events when it gets a bit chilly!

There is so much more on offer on their website, so make sure to check it out and use code PURPLEMONKEY10 for a discount! Come back next time to see more great products!

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