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Warhammer Sunday Preview


News just in from the Warhammer Community website! Looks like there was a gap in the schedule and everything got crammed in, so lets look at what we’ve got!

First up, we saw the pre-order of the cursed city this weekend and today we have more vampires, this time for Underworlds along with a new starter set, perfect for those who are new to the game, some extra cards in a handy dandy pack and the thing we all love… MORE DICE!

For those who are really into Warhammer Underworlds online the new warbands are getting added to that aswell!

Next up some new expansion books for Adeptus Titanicus and a stand alone rule book. Along with the much awaited Warmaster!

With this is a new maniple box containing some goodies, and arguably the best of the titans, the Warbringer! (oh and some decals aswell)

Blood bowl see ALOAD of releases this week including a new Death Zone book and what looks like individual parts of the start box coming out so you can get what you want!

Black Library rounds out this weekends preview with some awesome books to fill your time and one AMAZING map…

And thats another jam-packed preview weekend! Thanks for reading and we will see you through the week!

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