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B33r & Brushes: Dark Angels


The Dark Angels are one of the most divisive chapters in the Imperium, with just as many die-hard loyalists as there are those that lurk in the shadows, biding their time to crush the Imperium alongside the dreaded thralls of Chaos. Today I will be showing how you too can paint your own Dark Angels chapter symbol from scratch. 

For this guide you will need the following colours (these can be from any available range that you use): Dark Green, Grey and White.

First we are going to start with the Grey paint (I am using Dawnstone). On our shoulder pad, we are simply going to start by painting a thin vertical line in about the centre of the shoulder pad.

Next we are going to place the hand guard for the blade by painting a horizontal line about a third of the way down the first line.

If your line seems crooked at this stage, simply wait for the paint to dry and reapply a layer of Dark Green to the area. Once it is dry, redo the line.

Next we are going to add a V shape to the bottom of the line, to add definition to the blade point.

From these points we are going to carry the lines up towards our hilt.

This gives us our basic shape for the blade, and now we can work on the shape of the wings. We are going to do this by painting a semicircular arch that begins just at the hilt and ends near that V shape we made earlier.

We then can fill all these areas in, taking care after you have done so to add in a gap on either side of the sword to help define it against the wings.

Now that the blocking is done, we can focus on the ‘feathers’ of the wings. You’ll want to do these one step at a time, using Dark Green to mark the same spacing on each wing. Traditionally there are four ‘feathers’ on each side but you can always choose to do more or less. Fair warning this is possibly the most difficult step, as it relies on your perception of equal spacing if you have any issues,or your spacing is off, you can block out the Dark Green once more using your Grey.

After this step, you can add a pommel and a bit of ornamentation using a few diamond shapes.

Finally all the grey areas can be redone with a layer of white paint, this brings the symbol to the final look. If the area seems slightly patchy, water your white down a little more and apply the white again when dry.

And VOILA! Below we have our completed totally loyalist chapter symbol for the Dark Angels Chapter! If you have any requests for any chapter symbols or freehand feel free to drop me a DM on Twitter and I’ll see what I can do.

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