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Deep Dive: AOS – Great Unclean One


Hello and welcome to my first post on The Hobby Room blog post, if you are reading this then I can only assume that you enjoy miniature wargaming just like the rest of us, so let me take a minute to explain this post, I like a lot of gamers love to chat to hobbyists about tactics and units within the armies that I play or I’ve played against. So when the opportunity came along to write this blog post I jumped at the chance to discuss this hobby more. My attitude towards wargaming is pretty casual so that’s the approach I will take towards these posts.

So what will these posts contain, as I have hinted at these posts will contain army list reviews (or unit reviews), where I will discuss ideas I had while writing army lists or how I feel about units and how to get the most out of those units in your games. So for my first unit review I will be reviewing the GREAT UNCLEAN ONE specifically from Age Of Sigmar.

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I’ve played Maggotkin Of Nurgle for years and a Great Unclean One usually finds its way into my army so I thought it would be a great choice for my first review. Now I will break down my reviews into several different headers as to keep things as simple and concise as possible, these will include my thoughts on the unit and whether or not I agree with the units
points, the strengths and weaknesses of the units; any battalions or artefacts that I feel really help the unit.

The Great Unclean One


The Great Unclean One is a leader unit that boasts an impressive 16 wounds and a 4+ save as well as disgustingly resilient which gives it a 5++ damage prevention role, it’s also a 2 cast wizard that can also unbind 2 spells as well. It comes with several options such as the doomsday bell that increases nurgle units move characteristic by 3 inches, the bileblade that gives a +1 to cast or unbind and the flail or sword that gives The Great Unclean One some combat punch.

The Second Day of Nurgle: Great Unclean One - Warhammer Community
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The Great Unclean One is really survivable it has 16 wounds with a 4+ save
and disgustingly resilient meaning it likely will stick around for a few battle rounds, it’s also a 2 cast wizard which is better than the average in AOS; the spells it has access to are really useful one can modify an enemy units hit, wound and save rolls by minus 1 until the caster moves, dies or casts another spell. The command ability gives a +1 attack to a nurgle daemon unit, so overall it’s a phenomenal utility unit that really can do so much.


Unfortunately unlike the other greater daemons in AOS The Great Unclean
One is not ironically that great in a fight, the massive bilesword is again very ironically not that great. It only has 3 attacks (which can benefit from its command ability) which hit on 4+ and are only !!! 3 damage. In proportion to its size The Great Unclean One is also very slow moving 8 inches with the doomsday bell means that more often than not you will be
spending a command point to run it into position early.

Tyler Mengel's Nurgle Collection - Warhammer Community
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Thankfully the Maggotkin book has access to some of the best artefacts in the game, while The Great Unclean One is not that great in a fight giving your “combat” version the witherstave makes enemy units within 12 inches (not wholly just within) re roll 6’s to hit is fantastic, while I love to give the tome of a thousand poxes to my more support version (thats bell and bileblade) which just gives a simple +1 to cast and unbind which combined
with the bile blade gives me a +2 to cast spells.


The Great Unclean Ones can be taken in 2 battalions in the maggotkin book
first of is the tallyband of nurgle which you can only include one, the battalion itself doesn’t really help the efficiency of The great unclean one unless you want to only take 1 in your list, the battalion will allow the great unclean one to heal an extra wound which normally heals D3, so the battalion is okay if you want to include one and lower the overall drops of your nurgle army.

The other battalion is the Thricefold battalion which MUST include 3 great unclean ones (which is in bold so you can put Rotigus in that as well) this battalion really helps as it super charges the plague wind spell which can either heal D3 wounds to a nurgle unit or deal D3 damage to enemy units which increases by D3 for each great unclean within 7 inches of the caster, making it possible to heal 12 wounds in a phase to a single one of these monsters.

The Second Day of Nurgle: Great Unclean One - Warhammer Community
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In Conclusion

So as I said at the beginning of this review I will take at least one great
unclean one in all my maggotkin lists their ability as a force buffing machine is almost unparalleled in AOS, they are a great caster, really survivable and have access to items/artefacts that can really buff your units as well as hurt your opponents units. At 320 points I think these guys are arguably slightly high ( I think 280 would be more appropriate);
as they are good buffing pieces but really lack any combat punch at all. The thricefold battalion is really good fun and allows you to take 2 artefacts which again is really good for the 60 points you pay for the battalion.

Anyways I have rambled on and almost reached my word cap so I will finish by saying thanks for reading, obviously this is my first write up so any advice or constructive criticism would be really appreciated, if there’s anything you feel I’ve not talked about please feel to mention it in the comment section. Thanks

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