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Pile of Potential – 5 Features you may have missed!


For those of you that don’t know, not only does The Hobby Room Livestream and produce a blog, it’s creator, Ceri, is also the maker of the website, Pile of Potential – the perfect way to get your hobby organised and get your hobby mojo back on track!

The Pile of Potential is, for all intents and purposes, a tracking website, allowing you to create lists for all your different hobbies and track your progress and what’s better, easily share it with your friends so you can help encourage each other!

This post is to point out 5 features of the website you might of missed, here we go!

5 – You can change your account name!

You can easily change your account name, but note: Spaces will be deleted and anything offensive will be changed by the admins!

4 – Step into the Light, or fade to the shadows…

Light and Dark modes! You can switch between the two really easily.

3 – Project Categories

You can organise your hobby a little bit more by sorting each project into categories – which you can make private or public in themselves.

2 – Re-arrange your columns!

Want to move the points next to the names? Feel free! You can customise each project with different ordered columns.

1 – Move units between projects

Have a unit in a project you want to move to another? FEEL FREE! You can easily just drag and drop the units on top of another one and hey presto! It’s right there.

So they are 5 Features you may have missed when using the Pile of Potential, what are your favourite features? Drop us a comment below with favourite features and suggestions.

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