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2022 – what can we expect?

09 02 2022a

So apparently we’ve already finished a month and a quarter of 2022. Yup. 2022. I could swear it was still 2020, I keep writing that on the forms and such I need to fill in and its quite disconcerting when you realise you’re not the usual one year behind, but 2! Anyway. Both myself (Ben) and Ceri thought it would be a good opportunity to update you all on what you can look forward to in 2022 from The Hobby Room.

Hobby Livestreams

2022 has been an awesome year for the other working lives of both Ceri and Myself. I’ve successfully been indoctrinated into my new job as a Web Developer and Ceri has been awesome successful in passing her training to become a high ropes instructor! With this comes some potential changes to the schedule as Ceri will be picking up more hours at work at different times so we will have to wait and see on that one, so prepare for a blog post in the future detailing any changes! But rest assured, your weekly hobby livestreams will continue to thrive and be supplied!

Screenshot 2022-02-09 at 13.32.59

Event Livestreams

We’ve seen of recent that I’m trying to cover many more event livestreams for the community to try and bring some coverage that isn’t the beardmaster4000 convention, but instead, a more true look at Warhammer and event gaming from our perspective. These will primarily take form in that of Warhammer Age of Sigmar livestreams, with the odd 40k, Middle-earth and other games dotted here and there. This is simply because it is the game system I am most knowledgable about (baring Middle-earth) that is also regularly supported by many tournament organisers.

During 2022 we’ve already seen improvements on the quality of these streams with new audio equipment and overlay updates. I’m also hoping we can improve the camera quality eventually, chat interaction and also terrain on the boards. I’m currently saving up for and making 3 new AOS terrain sets so we can mix the terrain on the boards over the course of a weekend.

If you are a tournament organiser and interested in having us cover your event please feel free to drop an email over to: and we can start a conversation!

Charity Fundraising

Some of you may be aware that last year, 2021, we put on a livestream for the UK charity, Mind, that focus on mental health and during the pandemic this was more prevalent than ever. Ceri valiantly took on 24 hours of continuous live-streaming and you as a community managed to raise over £13,000 for the charity!

We had originally planned for me to do the same over March 5th and 6th, but with the 25th anniversary of Warhammer World event happening on the same day and other things, we’ve decided to postpone it until later in the year to allow everyones calendars to be as free as possible so keep your eyes out for that! If we can raise even half of the amount we did last year it will be a MASSIVE win!

Pile of Potential

You might be aware we launched a website, Pile of Potential, to allow you to track your hobby progress and also hopefully motivate you to get some projects finished! Well 2022 should be a year we can see some updates come to the website, like unit categories, custom columns and an optional choice to track as a checkbox or as number values!

I’m also hoping to improve the mobile experience for users as well.

If you use the site already check out this article here for somethings you may have missed!

Battle Report tracking app

You might already be aware if you watched the most recent tournament coverage but another project I’ve been working on on the side is a way for players to track their Age of Sigmar games, share the results and also keep a diary of them all on your phone. This year I hope to be launching this for players to use and in the future allow tournaments to be run from the app and more, with 40k and other game systems being added to the tracker as the project progresses. Initial updates and working will be documented in the Patreon blog posts so watch out for those if you are a Patreon, if not – you can sign up here!

Other Content

I am wanting to look at making either review blog posts / videos for products we can get our hands on early enough. Since we’re not on the Games Workshop, or any other miniatures company, early release lists these may come a little later than other Content Creators so we hope you’ll enjoy our view on these things the same as you do theirs. Patreon will continue to get their blog posts starting again this week and I’m looking at the Patreon Podcast and seeing if we can change the format to allow easier topics / discussions to allow that to continue as it was super fun to do!

Also watch out for more THR tournaments! 🙂

Overall there is nothing more to say than thank you to everyone who has enjoyed any of our content, supported us all through everything and interacted with our wholesome, loving hobby community!

Obviously, all the above is subject to change but we will do our best to keep to it!

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