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Hobby How To: Paint Hive Fleet Kraken Tyranids


Many of you will know me from my Tyranid army, whether you’ve seen the hordes of models at tournaments, seen me throwing my dead Termagants into a bucket or plastered photos all over my social media. It’s clear I’ve enjoyed painting them, and with these easy steps, you too could paint some Hive Fleet Kraken Tyranids as I do! I’m not saying it’s the right way, but it’s the way I do.

Step 1

Spray your beautiful nids in Corax White Spray!

Step 2

Shade all over with Seraphim Sepia. I do this over the whole model to add extra depth to the areas that will be red.

Step 3

Basecoat all the chitin Mephiston Red.

Step 4

Shade all red with Reikland Fleshshade.

Step 5

Highlight all red with Evil Sunz Scarlett. You can take this one step further and do a spot highlight with Wild Rider Red, which I did on my Swarmlord.

Step 6

Recess shade all the joints and vents on the skin with Agrax Earthshade. Add a shade in the mouth too making sure to shade the teeth and gums too.

Step 7

Shade all guns and tongues with Carroburg Crimson.

Step 8

Paint all teeth with Pallid Wych Flesh and the eyes with Flash Gitz Yellow.

Step 9

Base it, you’re done!

There we have it, 9 steps and you’re finished! Check back each week to discover a new guide! Happy hobbying!

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