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Patreon Update!

Patreon Feature

As you may have heard Ben ranting and raving on in the Livestream about the upcoming changes to Patreon rewards and tiers and that they are taking effect soon, well, soon is now! Right now you can head over to The Hobby Room’s Patreon page and pledge at a tier suited to you to help support the creation of the content from The Hobby Room including but not limited to: Livestreams, Blog Posts, Discord Events, Podcasts and more.

We thought that we could take this opportunity to highlight the changes and also give you some instruction on how to link your Patreon account to this website and the Discord server to be able to access your rewards.

Strap in, get yourself a cup of tea or other beverage and hold onto your hats this is a long one!

First up, the brand new pledge tiers.

We will take some time here to go through each tier, what the level of support is and what you get as a reward from supporting at that tier.



The $2 Servitor tier is an entry tier for the Patreon, one that allows anyone to show their support for The Hobby Room and projects made by us such as: Pile of Potential. Every little helps when it comes to supporting your content creators and this every time some supports at this tier or above they get our eternal thanks and love.



Supporting at the Initiate will get you the following benefits:

Discord Patreon VIP channel Access

In the lower section of this article you will find a guide on how to connect your Discord and Patreon accounts so it automatically assigns the roles you need to see the certain Patreon Discord channels. The channels you gain access to can contain extra nuggets of content before general release and also polls to help us decide things!

Monthly live Q&A in Discord

Every single month Ben and Ceri will drop into one of the locked Patreon voice chats where you can join and listen. You’ll then be able to post all your questions you want answering into a text channel specially for the Q&A. This will last anywhere between 30 minutes and an hour.

Bi-weekly Movie Night in Discord

Who doesn’t love movies? More to the point, who doesn’t love movie nights together?! Obviously, the movies that will be watched as part of the movie night will be family-friendly and once again, will be hosted in a Discord channel. Basically, make sure you have your Patreon and Discord Linked!



Supporting at the Scout will get you the following benefits:

all previous beneits

As with all the tiers on the Patreon, if you pledge at a higher tier, you will get the previous tiers rewards ontop of new ones!

weekly patreon exclusive blog post

Thats right! more content for the content gods as we will provide you with a Patreon only blog post available right here on All you’ve got to do is navigate to the Patreon content section of the blog, log in to unlock the content and happy reading! These blog posts will be anything from some deep dive into custom lore for chapters or dynasties and such, a thought tank of ideas for upcoming projects or just general updates and content for you all to enjoy.

End of stream credit mention

Support at the Scout tier and above is an awesome thing to do, and we want to make sure that at the end of every livestream we take a moment to say an extra thank you to our Patreons. All pledgers will be listed on the thank you credits, in no particular order and without the pledge amount. If you wish to remain anonymous to the masses then please drop Ben a Direct Message on Discord to be removed from the credits.



Supporting at the Marine will get you the following benefits:

all previous beneits

As with all the tiers on the Patreon, if you pledge at a higher tier, you will get the previous tiers rewards ontop of new ones!

weekly patreon exclusive podcast

Gain access to the weekly, Patreon exclusive podcast provided right here on hosted by Ben Bailey.


Every week Ben will sit down with a guest (most likely Ceri) where they will talk about all sorts of things from ideas on new armies, to upcoming projects to changes in the rules and much more.

To access the podcasts, all you have to do is navigate your way to the Patreon content section of the website, login with your Patreon to unlock the content and you can listen to your hearts content!



Supporting at the Lieutenant will get you the following benefits:

all previous beneits

As with all the tiers on the Patreon, if you pledge at a higher tier, you will get the previous tiers rewards ontop of new ones!

Name on the supporters wall!

Supporting at this tier will grant you the ever fabled opportunity to have your name, right on stream behind Ben and Ceri at all times on the ‘supporters wall’. A reminder to us and you that all this wouldn’t be possible without your love, help and support.



Supporting at the Captain is the highest level of pledge on the Patreon and will get you the following benefits:

all previous beneits

As with all the tiers on the Patreon, if you pledge at a higher tier, you will get the previous tiers rewards ontop of new ones!

exclusive dice after 3 months continued support

Who doesn’t love dice? More importantly, who doesn’t love exclusive dice? EVEN MORE IMPORTANTLY who doesn’t love GOLDEN exclusive Hobby Room dice? Well, after 3 months of continued support at Captain level, you will receive yourself a set of Golden Hobby Room dice.

exclusive Stickers after 6 months continued support

Okay. So we all know stickers are like, the best thing in the world. And we all know that The Hobby Room stickers are even better. After 6 months of continued support you will get yourself an exclusive Patreon set of stickers mailed right to your door so you can truly flex your support by sticking them everywhere.

Any artwork on any item after 9 months continued support

After a mighty 9 months of continued support you can wear your support with your head held high when you get to choose ANY artwork that has previously been on Hobby Room merch on any item of merch, be it a mug, hoodie, bath towel – even, the elusive socks. Any artwork from the vault can come out of retirement.

A dice bag of the gods after 12 months continued support

So you’ve had your Dice, stickers and merch, now its time for the Dice bag to end all dice bags! A wonderfully, hand-crafted masterpiece to hold all of your shinky click claks in so they can store their ultimate power inside! (there may also be an extra bonus inside – but you’ll have to wait and see what that it!)

And with that, everyone can take a moment to breathe after all that awesome information before we move onto the tutorial step of this whole process, the linking of the accounts! If any of the tiers take you fancy then please feel free to head over to the Patreon to start your pledge.

Linking your Patreon to the Discord Server

How To Connect Patreon To Discord [2021 Guide] - PC Strike

This documentation right here from Patreon themselves really is the best way to understand how to link your accounts: so I’m not going to take up more of your screen space by repeating it here but will advise you click the above link to go and see how to get your roles and access those sweet and sacred Patreon VIP Channels which can be found in the Supporters Area!

Getting access to the Patreon Exclusive blog content

Its pretty simple to get access to the content you unlock on the website by being a Scout pledge or higher but to make it even simpler here is a step by step guide!

Step 1: Try to access the content!

Find your way to the menu on the Blog site, and look for the ‘Patreon Content’ in the menu, simply click on this and. it will take your to the landing page you will be able to access once you are all signed in.

Step 2: Realise you’ve not quite logged in yet!

You’ll then be met with a giant orange button that will prompt you to log into your Patreon account or sign up for one to pledge and unlock the content.

Step 3: Do as it says, Sign up or Login!

Unless you are already signed into your Patreon (this guide assume you aren’t) you’ll be prompted to sign up to the service and then pledge. If you already have an account you can scroll down slightly on the sign up page and be met with the ‘Login’ button instead. Like below!

Step 4: Get reading and listening!


Now you are all logged in and ready to access the content that you are able to with your level of pledge. Feel free to leave comments and suggestions under each podcast or post to help us give you the content you really want!

*PHEW* that wraps up this absolutely mammoth sized blog post providing you with all the details of the upcoming (and probably live at this point) Patreon changes. If you have any questions please feel free to drop Ben a direct message on Discord as he is heading up the Patreon reward rollout and content.

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