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Hobby How To – Bases Part 8!

Hobby How To Basing Feature

Another simple base this week, easily adaptable to fit any project!

Autumn Sand

A simple but effective design, with a change of tuft colour, this is suitable for lots of dark coloured painting schemes.

Start off by coating the base with Armageddon Dust. You could also use Armageddon Dunes for a more textured base.

Drybrush the base with Wrack White.

Add colour to the base by adding tufts, I’ve used Autumn Shrub Busy Leaf Tufts from Rival Crafts.

Finish off the base by painting the edges, here I’ve used Instar Pure Black. Super Glue the model in place to finish it off!

And there we have another easy but effective base! Check back for more basing ideas next time!

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