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Meet THE Artist


Today we have something a little special for you. For those who aren’t aware, The Hobby Room’s artwork is all done by a wonderfully talented and commissionable gentleman by the name of Kabewski. And today we wanted to help showcase all the work he’s done for us and find a little more out about him, so without further ado, Ceri caught up with him earlier in the week.

Ceri: Hey Kabewski, how are you?

Kabewski: I’m good thank you and yourself? 🙂

Ceri: Really good thank you! I’m just going to start right in the deep end. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Kabewski: My name is Benjamin del Rio, I’m from Chile and I am a freelance artist aspiring to be a game designer, I’ve been a hobbyist for around 3 years now.

Ceri: A Hobbyist eh? Care to talk more about what hobbying you do and what armies you collect and maybe touch on some of your proudest works?

Kabewski: My hobby has consisted mostly of painting and converting Warhammer 40.000, with me focusing on my one and an only army of Xenarite Heretek Adeptus Mechanicus, they’re my favourite army and I adore making them look special and unique, with many small conversions and changes throughout the army, I’m always thinking of new projects and ideas.

Ceri: How did you start drawing?

Kabewski: Drawing is something of a family talent and I’ve been drawing traditionally with pen and paper for as long as I can remember, I started drawing digitally around 4-5 years ago.

Ceri: You mentioned wanting to be a game designer, is that on the illustration side of it or a different aspect like the game mechanics?

Kabewski: Both, I want to learn all aspects of game development, be it programming, design or art, being a designer is the most creative focused and well rounded, but I think I’d be working a lot on the visual aspects of games as well since that’s what I enjoy most and where I’m most skilled.

Ceri: We’ve seen you be able to draw in loads of different styles, what is your favourite to work in?

Kabewski: My favourite would be the Detailed but stylized “grimdark” look inspired partly by the game Darkest Dungeon, simply because I work fast with it, get satisfying detailed results and has the best time/results ratio.

But the style I’m most proud of is the more recent time consuming, detailed and more realistic “Comic book” art I’ve recently begun experimenting with. This drawing is my favourite to date

Ceri: Wow! This is certainly different from what we’ve seen you do for The Hobby Room. What’s been your favourite piece to work on for The Hobby Room?

Kabewski: My favourite Hobby room piece would have to be the Impostor Squig because it’s one of the first drawings I made for Hobby Room and shows the wacky fun having nature of what the style can be like.

But CLOSELY followed by the Emperor Penguin in both his forms! 😉

Ceri: Have you got a favourite piece that you’ve worked on outside The Hobby Room?

Kabewski: I can’t really say I have a favourite piece, I have many drawings that are close to my heart for many reasons, some were made at a special time, some were extremely well received by others, some were funny and adorable, some are too ridiculous and make me smile. And what *could* be my favourite constantly changes as I develop my abilities

Ceri: Well with your portfolio size I’m not surprised you can’t choose! Are you open for commissions and looking to expand that portfolio? If so, how do people get in touch?

Kabewski: As a matter of fact, I am open for commissions at the moment! You can contact me through any of my  social media such as my

my artstation account: 
and through Instagram: 

Ceri: Ace! With that in mind, Is there anything you REALLY want to draw?

Kabewski: Professionally? Any kind of official art involving media I love. Personally? I’ve been thinking of drawing some cool multi-character cover art styled pieces of the gaming/roleplaying adventures I’ve had with my friends!

But I’m always looking forward to making things for the Hobby Room

Ceri: Oh believe me… we have a lot more pegged for you yet! – Is there anything you are definitely not up for drawing?

Kabewski: Certain NSFW topics and styles that I personally stay away from that can be very popular with online art, or something that would be extremely impersonal, boring and without much creative challenge or passion in mind.

But then again, my life is still young and things may change, so maybe my work and goals will be different in the future.

Also nothing inherently political or with some sort of “agenda” in mind, I don’t want my art to be used that way.

Ceri: Where is the best place to find examples of your work?

Kabewski:My artstation profile is where I keep my proudest work and the art I’ve personally selected as “best and/or favourite”. As well as being my official professional portfolio

Ceri: Last but not least, Is there anything else you’d like to say before we wrap up??

Kabewski: I’d like to say thank you to the Hobby Room for having me around, giving me a place to share my work and spend time with lovely people. I won’t stop practising and improving anytime soon and I only plan on making more cool, adorable and crazy things!

Thank you Kabewski for all the awesome Artwork you’ve done and we look forward to seeing more of what you’ve got in the future! In case anyone is interested here is a collection of the works Kabewski has done for The Hobby Room! A wide selection of which you can get on Merch right here!

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