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Board Game Review – Unstable Unicorns


Today we take a look at another card game, which has brought many hours of joy and arguments into our house and family and friends houses!

Unstable Unicorns

Unstable Unicorns is all about building a Unicorn army! Sounds easy! Except when your friends have cards to backstab you!

The aim of the game, and the way to win is to have 7 Unicorns in your stable at any moment. Everyone starts with a Baby Unicorn, but don’t get too attached, this may be returned to the nursery by your opponents! When a card enters your stable, make sure to refer to the text on the card, as this may trigger effects!

You can also play magic cards, upgrade cards and downgrade cards. The upgrades and downgrades can be played into any players stable, and you can use these to your advantage!

However, be aware that a player may play a Neigh card at any moment, undoing your deceitful play! You can even Neigh a Neigh, causing the play to continue! You could even Neigh a Neigh that has been Neighed… (I could go on all night!).

Once a player reaches 7 Unicorns in their stable, the game is over and that player wins! And to make the game more interesting, Unstable Games have created many expansions to the game, adding in more unique cards to make the games more interesting! 

And for those wanting a NSFW version, you can have it!

Also available direct from Unstable Games are play mats to contain your cards neatly in a stable! 

I highly recommend this game for the teenage generation upwards, having been able to play games with 14 year olds upwards! 

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