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Sponsor Sunday – Water+

Sponsor Sunday Feature

Today we will look at Water+ from Instar!


Water+ from Instar has many uses! I have tried many things with this product, pushing it to all extremes and trying out other uses for it! I class this as an essential part of my hobby collection, using it in every project!

Edge Highlighting

The first thing I do with Water+ is add it to any paint on my palette that I’m going to edge highlight with! It adds extra fluidity to the paint making it much easier to paint with. There is then no resistance between the brush and the model, meaning the highlights are much neater, but also it dries much smoother!

Creating Contrast, Glaze and Shade Paints

By adding Water+ to a layer or base paint, you can create a shade, contrast or even glaze paint. The more you add, the “thinner” the paint gets, but without loosing any of the strength of the colour! I have used Contrast Medium with my Contrast Paints, but for large surfaces I was still getting puddling and pooling on the flat surfaces. However when I switched to using Water+ with my Contrast Paint, I got a smooth and flat finish on large surfaces! The difference between the Space Wolves Repulsor Executioner and the Hobby Room Marines Redemptor Dreadnought is staggering!

Taking Care of your brushes!

Water+ has been specially designed to protect your brush during use, with extra goodness magic inside to help keep a nice point, along with other secret magic!

Keep the paint alive!

I add Water+ into many pots of paint now! Those paints like Corax White, Mephiston Red, Rakarth Flesh etc that dry out very quickly, no longer have to suffer! I add a healthy amount of Water+ to the pot, helping keep the paint hydrated, without changing the colour! By doing this, I was able to use a pot of Corax White for over 9 months, and nearly emptied the pot (unheard of for Games Workshop White paints!).

I recommend picking up a small bottle to try, you won’t realise the magic until you try it!

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