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Sponsor Sunday! Redgrass Games Brushes


This week we take a look at a product from our sponsor Redgrass Games!

Paint Brushes

The Redgrass Games brushes are without a doubt an incredible addition to any hobbyists painting station. Redgrass offer 3 different paintbrushes, and honestly? They are all you’re ever going to need! Here at The Hobby Room I’ve been using my brushes for well over 6 months now and cleaning them with INSTAR’s Soap+ means they are the only 3 brushes I’m ever going to need! But here is a bit more about how I use the different brushes offered.

RedgrassGames Main Brush Size #2 with the finest tips and perfect hobby paint carrying capacity

Size 2: The main, all purpose Brush

This brush is perfect for base coating large areas, shading and glazing, and all round work. Because it comes to such a fine point, you can also do some excellent edge highlighting and fine detail work. The brush holds plenty of paint, allowing you to paint for longer before needing to go back to the palette to pick up more paint!

Needle like tip for Double O Redgrassgames Miniature Precision Brush

Double O: For the finest of details

This is my workhouse brush. I do fine detail work, highlighting, eyes, base coating smaller areas, glazing, and generally anything that requires a slightly smaller brush than the Size 2! Again the brush holds plenty of paint, but never releasing more than you need when you apply light pressure on the model.

RedgrassGames Main Brush Size #2 with the finest tips and perfect hobby paint carrying capacity

Dry brush: Precision is absolute

The soft bristles allow you to be accurate with your drybrushing, without having to exert pressure! With the brush being flat headed, you can use the corners to get the exact spot of model needing to be drybrushed, and using circular motions leaving the model streak free of paintbrush marks!

Join us in future Sponsor Sunday reviews to look at the nippers and painting handle available from Redgrass Games, or check out one of our previous Sponsor Sundays articles about the Wet Palette (or Keepy-keepy wet-wet).

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