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The Hobby Quest – What do I need?


With the Hobby Quest event looming around the corner (well about 3 weeks time but who’s counting? YOU. You should be counting). There is no time like the present to get yourself a handy checklist for the weekend so you have plenty of time to prepare and that is exactly what we have for you right here!

I’d say grab your pen and paper, but you can just bookmark this article and keep on coming back here to make sure have what you need. Ready to go questing? Let’s get to it! First up…

Quest Items

You’ve been given your quest, so you need to make sure that you have the main quest items ready to go! In this case that’ll be your Start Collecting! Box or equivalent. Can’t choose from what you want to have? No worries! Simply spin one of the two wheels below (AOS or 40k) to see which box you need to get!

Age of Sigmar

Warhammer 40,000

Adventurers’ Pack

Now you’ve solidified your main quest item, you need the supplementary things to make sure you can complete your quest. Here is what comes in your adventurer’s pack. This contains Paints of all kinds, brushes, wet pallets, painting handles and the lotto to help aid you in your quest!


Every good Quester and Adventurer always know they need their rations to make sure they stay hydrated and healthy. So you also need to make sure that you’ve got ample snacks and drinks at the ready. Why not even get super prepared, and cook something like a lasagne on Friday before, ration it up and put it in the fridge ready for re-heating it on the weekend to ensure you have maximum hobby time!

Your Trusty Steed

You can’t go Questing without your best friend by your side, well. In this case, your best friend is your chair. They will carry you through thick and thin. Support you when your legs are tired, and be there the entire time you are there for the weekend. If you need to grab yourself a new trusty steed then look no further than Secret Labs! Click here to find more information.

Reliable NPC

And of course. Everyone needs the loveable, reliable NPC to help guide you through your quest! Yes, they can be annoying and offer unwanted text prompts and sound effects, however, their value is unmatched as the entertainment they provide is crucial to ensuring your success in your Quest. So make sure you tune in to to see your reliable NPC, Ben, over the course of the weekend.

Have we missed anything off this list at all? Let us know in the comments section if you think we have and also let us know what quests you are setting yourselves!

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